Saturday, November 30, 2013

Deluxe Thanksgiving Sandwich

As I told you in my earlier post, Thanksgiving leftovers are one of my favorite things in the world.  My favorite of all of the leftovers is the dressing (stuffing for most people).  I have no idea why.  I think it is  a very overlooked and underrated side dish.  This sandwich takes all of the great things about Thanksgiving and puts them in between to slices of buttery, toasty bread.  What could be better than that?

So I mentioned that I was disappointed in my turkey.  This was my first whole turkey ever so I should probably be a little easier on myself.  I spent weeks looking at every roasting temperature for the bird and comparing all the different cooking times.  I decided to go with the most common one which was 325 degrees.  I had a 19 pound turkey that I was planning on brining.  My brining bag had other plans when it decided to spring a leak.  That was a nice mess to clean up!  I woke up at 6 am to put this beautiful winged creature in the oven.  Everything I read on the internet said 5 1/2 to 6 hours.  A little after 5 hours I took it out of the oven to check the temperature.  Not good.  It came in at 185 degrees.  How frustrating!  I think next year I'll do a smaller whole turkey and a turkey breast.  If anyone can tell me why this happened I would love to know!

Deluxe Thanksgiving Sandwich

3 slices of bread
cranberry sauce

This sandwich is built in the saute pan.  Add 1 tablespoon butter to a saute pan and let it melt over medium low heat.  Meanwhile spread mayo over 1 slice of the bread and cranberry sauce on the other.  Heat up the stuffing, turkey and gravy in the microwave.  Place the slice of bread with mayo into the butter in the pan (mayo side up).  Lightly press the stuffing onto the slice of bread.  Add a few pieces of the turkey.  Next, place the plain slice of bread into the gravy (In an episode of Friends, Ross calls this the moist maker) and add to the sandwich.  Place more turkey and the final piece of bread with the cranberry sauce.  Add a little more butter to the pan and flip the sandwich.  Cook a couple more  minutes until the bread has turned a light golden brown.  Slice in half and enjoy!!

What types of sandwiches do you make with your leftovers?  Do you prefer mayo or miracle whip? I normally prefer mayo but sometimes I crave the tang of miracle whip.

Thanks for reading.  Come back soon!!


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