Monday, January 20, 2014

Goat Cheese Crostini with a warm Honey Drizzle

I love three day weekends.  I think it would be fair to say that I live for time off work.  I needed this one in a really bad way.  (Refer to my chicken salad post about being burnt out on winter)  It's refreshing to not have to set an alarm three days in a row.  I can take time to do whatever I want, which today will include grilled cheese sandwiches, cleaning my floors and possibly going to purchase a treadmill if I can bring myself to put on real pants.  I'm not one to wear pajama pants in public.  

I'll probably spend a little time perusing Pinterest today as well.  Has anyone else had the update where pins are now categorized according to the items that you pin?  I am not a fan.  I miss being able to click on home decor or food and drinks.  Just because I pinned a recipe for quinoa once or twice doesn't really mean that I want to see an entire page of quinoa pins.  I need variety.  It is the spice of life after all, right?  There's my rant for the day.  I'm done now.

Yesterday after church I was so tired that I took a two hour nap.  That's not something I normally do on Sundays.  I guess the excitement of Milford, Ohio on Saturday really took it out of me.  My parents and I headed north to celebrate my nephew's 10th birthday.  I'm not sure how ten years has passed since this precious, sweet, loving boy entered my life but apparently it has.  We were able to go to his basketball game and his team won!  This kid is a defensive beast.  Always sticks with his man and that makes Aunt Aimee proud.  I was a bit of a defensive genius during my days of elementary, intramural basketball too.  

Anyway,  after I woke up, I was craving something sweet but I didn't want to get out fifty different ingredients to make cookies or brownies.  Little known fact about me:  I only like cookies straight out of the oven.  I won't eat them the next day.   That's strange, right?  Because of that, I don't really make them.  I guess I could make up the batter and freeze them and just bake a couple at a time.  Hmmm…  Don't mind me folks, I'm just thinking out loud.  

So,  I did that whole, open the fridge, stare, close the door, repeat routine a couple of times.  That's when I spotted the goat cheese and was reminded of a simple dish that a friend had made while on vacation in Florida.   That was actually my first interaction with goat cheese.  I was a goner.  So creamy and tangy and delicious.   The texture of crunchy, creamy and gooey really is one for the record books. 

Not only is this ridiculously delicious (sometimes I dream about it), it's ridiculously easy.  It would be a great addition to any get together, like this football game coming up in a couple weeks.  I'm just going to give you this easy recipe before I talk myself into making more!

Goat Cheese Crostini with a  warm Honey Drizzle                              Printer Friendly


Goat Cheese

Warm honey in a sauce pan over low heat.

Spread your desired amount of goat cheese on the crostini.

Drizzle with honey.

Let the "ooh's", "aah's" and "woah, this is interesting's" begin.  Seriously, could it be any easier?

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