Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cincinnati Chili Dip--Again (Because it's that good and you need it for basketball)

It's that time of year y'all!  March Madness is upon us!  The play-in games began last night and the big dance officially begins tomorrow!  I love, love, love this time of the year!  Lexington is buzzing with basketball fever (more than usual, if you can believe it) and spring is in the air!  

In honor of the first game that I'll get to watch, the University of Cincinnati Bearcats taking on the Harvard--wait, does Harvard even have a mascot?  For blog post purposes we'll just call them the Harvard Hipsters.  Sadly, I won't get to watch the entire game but I'm meeting up with a couple of my girls from work for a much overdue lunch date.  Yes, in Kentucky girls get together and watch basketball.  Not only that, we actually know what we're talking about.  

Wait, what was I talking about?  Oh, yeah, Cincinnati Chili Dip.  Make this for your watch parties.  It will disappear quickly so make a double batch.  I promise if you look hard enough you can find Cincinnati chili.  It's either in the frozen section or the canned chili section.  They sell it in Florida so don't give me any lip, sass or excuses otherwise.  Just do it.  It will not disappoint.  Plus, you can throw it together in 5 minutes. 

Cincinnati Chili Dip


1 8 ounce block of cream cheese, softened
1 can of your favorite Cincinnati style chili (frozen works, too)
1 bag of grated cheddar cheese

Spread cream cheese in the bottom of a 9x13 pan.  If your cream cheese isn't completely softened you can place it in the pan and stick it in the oven for a few minutes until it's spreadable.  Cover with the can of chili and then sprinkle with the cheese.  Bake in a 375 degree oven until cheese is melted and bubbly, about 20-30 minutes.  Use as a dip with tortilla chips.

See how good that was?  I won't even say I told you so!

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