Thursday, April 24, 2014

Frozen Strawberry Salad

"Is this a salad or a dessert?"  This is the most often asked question when peeps taste this delightful creation.  And trust me, it is deeeee-lightful.  Cool, creamy and refreshing.  I am in love with this stuff and I have been since I was a teeny-tiny child.  My mother used to make it all the time.  I have no idea where it originated but it makes an appearance at almost every family function and I am A-OK with that.

This is another super easy-peasy recipe that anyone can make, as long as you can operate a can opener.  (If you cannot operate a can opener, here is a handy-dandy Youtube video to help you out). Perfect for any summer potluck you may be invited to and after making this, you will be invited to many more and they will request that you bring this--as long as you remember to get it out of the freezer, which I have been known to forget to do--like, every time I make it.

Right now Dolce is making it very hard to complete this post.  We went to Petsmart today to get her food and she picked out a new toy.  She feels that she must rip it to shreds while laying on my lap.  She "plays" with her toys for about 20 minutes.  Playing means that she walks through every room in the house with said toy in her mouth while whining.  Presumably because she knows she is about to destroy her new found friend by ripping out all of the stuffing and before the end of the night the entire thing will end up in the trash.  I try not to buy her stuffed toys but I got distracted by a cute guy with a chocolate lab and before I knew it, she had slobbered all over this pink pig and well, we had to buy it.  That will teach me.

What was I even talking about?  Oh, right.  Frozen Strawberry Salad.  This is the stuff dreams are made of.  At least my dreams.  It's cool whip, sweetened condensed milk, frozen strawberries, bananas and pineapple.  Just dump, mix and pour into a freezer friendly pan.  Once again, no excuses people.

Frozen Strawberry Salad                                                     Printer Friendly


16 ounces frozen sweetened strawberries, thawed
3 bananas, roughly chopped
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2-(8 ounce) containers of cool whip, thawed
20 ounce can crushed pineapple

Open the package of strawberries.  Empty the entire contents, including the juice, into a large bowl.  Add the bananas, sweetened condensed milk, cool whip and the entire can of pineapple (yes, that means the juice, too).  Mix well.  Transfer the mixture into an 11x13 freezer friendly pan.  Cover and freeze for at least 6 hours.

Remove from freezer at least 20 minutes before serving.

Enjoy as a salad OR a dessert!

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